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Victims of the Environment Loss from Natural Hazards in the United States, 1970-1980

Rossi, Peter H. (author.). Wright, James D. (author.). Weber-Burdin, Eleanor. (author.). Pereira, Joseph. (author.). SpringerLink (Online service) (Auteur ajouté).

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  • ISBN : 9781461337690
  • Description physique : XVII, 238 p. online resource.
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  • Éditeur : Boston, MA : Springer US, 1983.

Descriptions du contenu

Note de dépouillement structurée : 1 Natural Hazards Victimization: An Overview -- The Incidence of Disaster Experiences -- Hazard-Generated Injuries and Damages -- Sources of Help -- Recovery and Lingering Effects -- Conclusion -- 2 Estimating Hazard Events and Consequences through a Victimization Survey -- Research Strategy -- Research Design -- The Hazards Studied -- Plan of the Monograph -- 3 The Victimization Survey: Data Collection and Survey Implementation -- The Screener Telephone Interview -- The Mail Survey -- The Event Sample -- Analysis of Nonresponse -- Sample Characteristics -- Summary -- 4 The Incidence of Hazard Experiences. -- The Base Period and -- Representativeness -- Hazard Experiences -- Hazard Victimization Experiences -- Comparisons with Other Estimates -- Year-by-Year Hazard Victimization Rates, 1970 through 1980 -- Multiple Natural-Hazard Victimization-Events -- Calibrating Natural Hazard Incidence -- The Spatial and Social Distribution of Natural Disaster Events -- Comparison with Other Noxious Events -- Summary -- 5 Deaths, Injuries, Damages, and Total Costs -- Estimating “Total Dollar Costs” -- Defining Serious Hazard Events -- Injuries and Their Monetary Costs -- Injury Rates by Selected Household Characteristics -- “Total Dollar Costs” Resulting from Hazards -- National Estimates of Total Dollar Costs -- Damage to Property and Personal Possessions -- The Distribution of Dollar Costs by Household Characteristics -- Summary -- 6 Patterns of Aid to Hazard Victims -- A Technical Note -- Insurance Coverage and Claims -- Other Financial Aid Received -- Equity in Financial Help -- Informal Sources of Help -- Help from All Sources -- Hazard Aftermaths -- Summary -- References -- Appendix A Estimates of Victimization and Losses Based on Pre-1980 Data -- Hazard Victimization by Agent: Existing Estimates (as of 1979) -- Appendix B Questionnaires Used in the National Telephone Survey and the Mailed Survey of Hazard Victims.
Résumé, etc. : The research reported in this volume was designed to provide estimates of the extent of damages and injuries from certain natu­ ral hazards inflicted on households in the United States. In addi­ tion, it reports on sources of aid proffered to households and the extent to which there are differences among households in the receipt of help. This volume represents the latest installment in a series of monographs stemming from the Social and Demographic Re­ search Institute's (SADRI) program of research on the effects of natural hazard events in the United States. The first volume in our series (Wright, Rossi, Wright, & Weber-Burdin, 1979) reported on the long-range effects of natural hazards on the population and housing stocks of neighborhoods and communities. The second volume (Rossi et aI. , 1982) assessed the support for hazard mitiga­ tion policies existing among local and state political elites in a sample of states and local communities in the United States. The main findings of these two monographs can be summarized as follows. First, long-range effects (up to 10 years postevent) of nat­ ural hazard events are minimal: Local communities and neighbor­ hoods that have been impacted by floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes appear to be no different in their population and housing growth patterns over the period 1960 to 1970 than comparable commu­ nities that went unscathed. Apparently, household and communi­ ty resources plus outside aid were sufficient ordinarily to restore impacted areas to normal growth patterns.
Sujet : Earth sciences
Natural disasters
Cultural studies
Earth Sciences
Natural Hazards
Cultural Studies
Sociology, general
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